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The Spicy Diva's Vision


Is to make everyone a Gourmet Chef.
There is no reason why a young couple can't have a delicious meal on the table every night as if they were dining in the most expensive restaurant. Fresh organic herbs and spices make a dish pop with flavor. 'It's just not nice without spice' to excite the taste buds and warm the palate. Our fresh ground spice blends take the guess work out of what to add to that ground beef, turkey or lamb. Get dangerous in the kitchen, create an explosive reaction of eyes rolling and "OMG that is so gooood! Where did you learn to cook like that"! from friends and family. Find your favorite spice blends to make your stew new and rice twice as nice. The spicy diva is covering the globe to bring to you the best spice crafted blends that are pleasing to the eye and taste. Bone appetite

Who is the Spicy Diva

      I come from a long line of gourmet cooks. I honed much of my talent cooking with my Grand mothers. Spicy, colorful Cuban and Grenadian culinary delights. Dish after dish of gazpacho, black beans and yellow rice, sweet potato, dasheen, callaloo and salted fish with dumplings lined the tables. My loving Aunts passed to me the art of American flavors and decor. Pepper turkey, mmm, so beautiful speckled with pepper corn, and rosemary, hot, steamy, golden brown and delicious. Nobody could ever forget Aunties 9 alarm chili. Just the right amount of onions, chucks of peppers, chili beans and swirled into a knock your socks of red chili sauce. So hot, but so mouthwatering good we ate Bowl after Bowl. My Mother and Uncle were confection gurus. Butter cookies, rum cakes, apple cranberry pies, cinnamon cartwheels. I inherited these amazing diverse cuisine, however all of this could not be done without the delicate, robust and peppery favor of spices. Spices and herbs are key, the captain of the ship. Without spice, food may be reluctant to sail past the lip. I have spent over 40 years formulating herbal blends for health and wellness. As The Spicy Diva I want to share with you these awesome organic herb and spice blends. Good food makes you feel good physically and emotionally.
      May The Spicy Diva Spice Blends have you switching in the kitchen and bring a new joy to your cooking experience.

       Marlena Reese

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